Students Come To Life at Cambridge Court World School ‘School Is A Building Which Has Four Walls wit

Sep 27, 2017

Students Come To Life at Cambridge Court World School ‘School Is A Building Which Has Four Walls wit


At CCWS, we are emphasizing on overall intellectual, moral, spiritual aesthetic growth of its students. We groom them as future leaders of our country.

We are a warm, friendly and vibrant community that prides itself on happy and productive relationship between teachers and learners. We are consistently one of the Jaipur Best Schools and have an exemplary local and national reputation for academic excellence.

We offer a holistic educational experience which places pupils at the heart of every decision we make. Life is about so much more than examination results and we prepare our children for every situation every experience but it is vital that our pupils fulfill their academic potential to enable them to move onto the next stage of their education.

Our temple of learning strongly believes in the power of education to shape learners’ lives and provide educational opportunity of the highest quality to its students.

We provide a broad education that is ambitious, varied and stimulating academic excellence and a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities are offered in an open, caring and supportive environment, enabling each individual to thrive and achieve their potential and are the best version of them. Our commitment is to develop the whole personality encouraging students to explore their interest in a wide variety of ways and promoting curiosity of mind, independence of spirit and a love for learning. Our aim is to foster learning independently of exams and to encourage inquisitive, motivated and creative thinkers. We want to nurture resilience and robustness: Students who are willing to take risks in the classrooms and who are not afraid of failures.

We want our student to enjoy their life at school and feel part of a supportive community. In a culture of respect for others but without the need of imposed rules, Cambridgians are driven by self-motivation, self-discipline , a thirst for learning and a strong sense of pride in belonging to the diverse, inclusive high-performing, friendly and supportive school community. Cambridgians are full of integrity and ambition, ready and equipped to make a positive contribution to society, with the world on their fingertips, thereby no doubt they are in the list of Jaipur best schools.

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