Promoting Creativity and Enhanced Learning Is Important

Feb 04, 2018

Promoting Creativity and Enhanced Learning Is Important


The word creativity is in itself a very broad platform. A school with creativity at the heart of the learning process benefit by increasing process will benefit by increasing the motivation of staff and pupils. All educators and educational institution should understand that it is high time that we include creativity in the learning and teaching process. During the past few years, educators have developed the confidence to take innovative and imaginative approaches to curriculum planning and school organization.

With the advent of digital classes, teaching has got new dimension. Access to the internet on the digital board in the class promotes more experimentation and a higher level of teaching-learning method. Creativity is not an add-on and it cannot be imposed. Creativity is the use of imagination to enable the user to explore ways of solving problems enquiring and thinking about their work. Giving a variety of strategies, which can then develop and encourage creativity and enhance learning in children?

Creative children need creative teachers. There are many blocks of creativity. School should be equipped enough to identify the potentials of each and every child and to provide techniques to boost them. Although it had been emphasized long before that creativity can be developed through play-way method but in a child, creativity is in an immature state and creativity matured adults need to support and expand the play in order to accelerate it. The surge of interest in creativity among teachers, school leaders must be at par with the growing global trend of promoting creativity in education .

We live in a world where individual’s lives can be enhanced by the greater sense of agency that comes with having opportunities to explore their own creativity. Schools need to innovate and improvise. Once the high state testing is practiced by the schools, teachers can develop creative learning environment for their students. To promote creativity in school there should be a balanced structure and freedom. The timing should be flexible to meet the collaborative assessment of students by the teachers. If schools emphasize on this arena make links with other areas of the curriculum and engage in creating vibrant atmosphere of creative setup of curriculum, it would nurture creativity to develop the thinking skill of the students.

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