Personality Development in School

Oct 26, 2017

Personality Development in School


Personality development is nothing but the act of moving from an inert and disinterested state to a state of zealous, joyous and motivated living being.

In layman language, nothing but the art of staying positive and speaking what is just right and needful.


Not what it looks like.

But again when we admit our children into schools, don’t they promise the overall development of our child. And is personality not a part of overall development? Why pay separately for personality development when we here in Cambridge Court World School have personality development in school. What accounts for a good personality?

• Positivity: Staying positive, come what may. By doing so we can overcome any obstacle.
• Effective Communication: Clarity while expression of thoughts is the most important factor of anyone’s personality.
• Empathy: A person with good personality is empathetic, understands other people’s feelings and situations by stepping a foot in their shoe.
• Confidence: By confidence we mean, confidence not only in speech but also in the way a person carries himself.

We here in Cambridge Court World School take care of every aspect of our children’s personality and work forward in grooming our children to the best individuals possible. Spoken English Classes are held in the school, through which we teach our children not just how to talk the right talk but also to walk the right walk. These classes work on the speech, pronunciation, vocabulary and most importantly confidence of our child.

Cambridge Court World School regularly organizes events like declamation, debate, extempore where each child is given an opportunity to take part and groom their verbal skills.

A good personality comprises of patience, confidence, positivity, empathy, effective communication, all in all a good human being that helps the needy, expresses without fear and stays positive throughout. Here in Cambridge Court World School children begin their day with meditation and chanting of OM. This helps them in relaxation, rejuvenation and clarity of perception. We as a school take care of personality development in the school itself so that the diamonds we prepare are “sarv gun sampan”.

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