What makes CCWS one of the Best School in Jaipur

Feb 01, 2019

What makes CCWS one of the Best School in Jaipur


Cambridge Court World School is one of the best schools in Jaipur. Situated in the heart of Mansarovar, it has made its mark in academic and Co-scholastic activities. It aims to ignite curious minds of students to be an educational institution with motive of development of society and thus development of nation by empowering the students. The main objective is to deliver best standard of education, to inculcate Indian traditions, to create qualitative approach and scientific attitude. The school focuses on providing academic standard of international level so that the students of this school stand at par with others globally. The school doesn’t believe in the process of rote learning and so a unique method of developing the IQ and EQ level of the child has been implemented.

Cambridge Court World School is the best school in Jaipur, Rajasthan because it not only provides academics par excellence but also creates environment for exposure of talents of the students in the public platform. The spacious air conditioned class rooms with all modern digital amenities are designed for comfortable teaching – learning process.

The Cambridge Court World School has the goal to provide outstanding education facilities with focus on holistic development. Every student is encouraged to conquer new challenges and acquire new skills. Individuals care of the students are taken to discourage private tuitions to remove the burden of homework for the students. Dedicated faculty members are committed to engage to develop the true potential of the students. The world class campus and infrastructure nurtures the students to face the outside world boldly. The school provides world class facilities for sports and hobbies. Trained physical trainers and experts coach them and it has resulted in acquiring laurels in variety of co-scholastic activities in the district and state level.
The students are exposed to the vast world of robotics which imbibes on them the art of creativity and scientific outlook. The school provides exceptional developmental techniques and stands unique in the world of achievement for its students.

The entire academic programme is based on the vision for the 21st century teaching and learning. The aim is to create the ideal learning environment, to focus towards understanding, innovating and exploring. The education system stimulates each child to develop his physical, intellectual and emotional skills.

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