Necessary All Round Development: All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Jan 31, 2018

Necessary All Round Development: All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy


All round development of a child refers to how a child is supposed to develop in his emotional, cognitive and social platform. Every child transforms as he physically and emotionally develops. School plays the vital role to make a child adapt in the society, to inculcate values and tradition and imbibe valuable virtues. All round development of a child starts with his parents in infancy but it takes the required shape in school. A child acquires knowledge of various disciplines and to socialize with other children. The most important thing that he learns is to cope up in a group of students of different mentality and social status. A lot depends on the teachers of the child, since they are the ones who impart and inculcate the best virtues and be like a role model for the child so that he/she is inspired to become a better individual every day.

A major factor that determines development of personality amongst individual is the influence of friends. A child needs to possess the right company of friends who inspire him/her to achieve more and work harder to gain rewards. A bad influence caused, especially during the growing years, can adversely affect the lives of children. It’s essential for parents to note the sort of company their child socializes so that the child can develop into more sound and matter simultaneously individuals.

The overall environment present at home and school affects the proper development of a child. Children deserve attention. Sometimes they develop adverse characters just to attract attention. It has been found that children are more involved in various activities that interest them and that have a vital effect in the development of their personality. The main reason school conducts so many extra-curricular and Co-Scholastic activities are primarily for the overall development of children.

When children take part in them they not only overcome their fear of speaking in public, but also learn to adopt with new members within their team. “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” – It is very much true and effective for the all-round development of a child . It’s essential that a child should excel in academics to attain a good position in life. But it is also essential that a child participates in some or the other physical activity to grow physically fit. It is essential to develop the emotional learning/development, artistic skill and character development. All the aspects should be synchronized in an order so that they can get enough space to develop and flourish in life as a complete individual.

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