Jaipur Top School-Cambridge Court World School

Jul 31, 2017

Jaipur Top School-Cambridge Court World School


The aim of education is to offer a stance and perception into young minds. It is a revolution that is even more refreshing in the way the top schools in Jaipur take the views and interests of the pupils seriously, anchoring much of the collective enterprise, particularly on the co-curricular side, in the activities and passions of young people.This is especially so where these pursuits are relevant to the skill sets that young people will need in their future life. As for Cambridge Court World School, it stands to reason that well research teaching methods with right amount of motivation will educate the young brains while preparing them for life.

CCWS being one of the top schools in Jaipur is much more than an educational opportunity; it is a truly nurturing environment, for many akin to a second home. It is a school that encourages and gives support to all its staff and students.  One of the characteristics that parents should look out for the best school for their ward is the atmosphere in the school. Particular reference should be given to the positivity of teacher-pupil interaction and the friendliness of pupils both to each other and towards visitors. We at CCWS ensure that Cambridgians inculcate school’s values, seeing them as helpful and relevant to their lives and their own ideals.On of the most crutial traits of the best schools in Jaipur is that the school develops qualities such as inventiveness, creativity and open-mindedness in its pupils. These schools develop young adults into taking responsibility within a carefully laid down framework, one that gives the sense of freedom alluded to above.

Many factors go into helping a child become a productive adult, and there is no way one assessment a year can measure success or failure. The fact that so many people believe that one test on a couple of mornings each spring can determine school quality, teacher quality, and student learning shows an alarming lack of understanding in what makes a good school. We at CCWS, truly believe that the building principal must have the respect of students, parents, and staff with a vision, high expectations, and the ability to help others succeed. We make our best efforts in understanding our students and motivate them, creating a positive attitude throughout the building. Successful schools thus always have a sense of trust built on the back of an honest and caring leader.

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