How Comprehensive Curriculum Structured Beneficial alongside Extra Activities

Aug 28, 2017

How Comprehensive Curriculum Structured Beneficial alongside Extra Activities


The school with comprehensive curriculum structured alongside extra activities for students to make responsible students of tomorrow.

The word education is derived from the Greek word ‘Educere’ which means ‘to bring out’. But with the advent of nineteenth century it had greatly been reduced to bring out the academic caliber of the students and often compromises with the other latent talents. Though the formality is done by adding a column for extracurricular activity in the report card. But the grading or marking done is not standardized. The method in which these activities are introduced and carried out with the students is far from being satisfactory.

My personal experience as a teacher says that the students who are good at sports and other curricular activities often end up as a successful being as compared to their counterparts of the same age. My personal belief is that these extra activities for students are not only helpful in inculcating the spirit of hobby development in students but also are great teachers in disciplining a child. So search for a school where these extracurricular activities were given their due importance and share continued till I came to know about the Cambridge court World School.

The school with a difference where students are not expected to end up as book worms. They are given a chance to hone their intrinsic qualities and bring forward their latent talents. They are not blind followers but active participants who question the regular course.

Extra activities introduced in the school do not follow the regular jaded pattern but are quite different and value based.

These activities involve sports like cricket, basketball, lawn tennis, football, badminton :

  • The activity which appeal to and enhance the aesthetic value also finds a place in the school curriculum like music, dance, drama, drawing and painting.
  • What makes the school comprehensive curriculum stand out from rest of the schools is the addition “Emotional Intelligence” in all its subjects.
  • The school has come up with a very innovative idea to groom students for their future life. The curriculum includes classes like “Case Study” in which students are taught about the famous and successful personalities. They are given different opportunities to analyze the struggle, hard work and success of these personalities.

As we all agree fluency in English language is the need of the hour to shine in the world. Realizing the importance of the language the school has initiated “Trinity Classes”. They are conducted in collaboration with the Trinity College of London. Spoken English in all its manifestations is taught to the students.

I believe that Cambridge Court World School has set future standards for all the other schools. This school conducts extra activities for students which are highly productive and helps to educate them with the world knowledge and sophistication. In long run these extracurricular activities will make Cambridgians stand out in the world diaspora.

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