Cambridge Court World School- The Quality Education Provider

Sep 30, 2017

Cambridge Court World School- The Quality Education Provider


Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is considered as the hub of education. A large number of schools run by CBSE and state board is in full swing.

But to be the best amongst the flourishing Edu-Jargons is a mammoth task. Cambridge Court World School stands as the Jaipur top school because it has all the relevant qualities that a good school should have.

It has excellent ways to support better learning and develop the variety of qualities that are otherwise hidden in a child. The school has opened its door for all good thoughts, recent technologies to flow in and as a result, students are trained in Trinity classes conducted by Trinity College London and its faculty, STEM education sessions, hobby classes to inculcate creativity and holistic development of a child.

The school has refashioned itself to an utmost need of the hour, i.e. digitalization. The projector based teaching has brought fluidity to the curriculum and thus the internal tools stand with their importance in the learning process.

CCWS being the best day boarding school in Jaipur has eliminated the parental tension of child look after and home assessment in today’s world where both parents are working. At the end of the day, the child returns home stress-free of homework burden and parents can spend quality time with them.

The care of the students, their hygiene and security are the key concern of the CCWS. Till date, no untoward incidents have been noticed. Keeping today’s turmoil in mind the school conducted counseling of boys and girls about how to remain secure when they are away from home. Counseling of students is the need of the hour as the growing minds are more inquisitive and immature.

The face to face interaction with the parents brings out the need of every child because for CCWS every child is special. This step to realism makes CCWS best of all schools in Jaipur. To summaries the view CCWS is ‘Top Jaipur School” because it doesn’t make empty promises, rather is there for the overall care and development of the child. It values its teachers, administrators, and parents as the agent of success.

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