Build positively around your child

Jan 09, 2017

Build positively around your child


I believe that positive kids become positive adults and as parents we can play a significant role in shaping our children’s perspective and mindset. In this spirit, I want to share with you several tips to develop positive kids.

  1. Success of the Day – Each night before bed, at dinner or while taking an after dinner stroll, ask your child about his/her success of the day. The success could be a great conversation, an accomplishment at school, something he is proud of, a situation where he helped someone, etc. The most important thing is to help them focus on accomplishments instead of failures. When we help our children accept success, look for success, and celebrate success, they find more success and gain more confidence. Of course they also need to learn from their mistakes and failures, but let’s help them to not dwell on them.
  2. Bedtime Prayer – A ritual such as this provides your children with a foundation of peace, security and confidence that gives them the strength to take on the daily challenges of being a kid.
  3. Teach them the Positive shark formula E + P = O. (E) denotes the Events in our life. But we can control our (P) Positive Response to these events and our response determines the ensuing (O) Outcome. This helps them stay optimistic and believe that their best days are ahead of them, not behind them.
  4. Feel Blessed instead of Stressed – As parents we need to realize that children, like adults, deal with a lot of stress and that stress is the enemy of positivity. It so happens that when you are feeling blessed you won’t feel stressed.

In the end, I encourage every parent to think of your children’s mind like a garden. Each day you have to help them weed out their negative thoughts and plant new positive thoughts. One day of weeding and planting won’t do much. However, if you practice these strategies every day, over a week, a month, a year, maybe a lifetime, the garden grows more healthy and vibrant. Nurture your child. Take time to coach them and nourish them with lots of love and positive energy, and in time you shall see the fruits of your efforts.   

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