Advantages of Using Technology in the Education System

Jul 20, 2017

Advantages of Using Technology in the Education System


Technology is evolving quicker than the world that we live in, registering its presence in almost all aspects of human life. Education is one of the prime areas where a significant impact of technology can easily be noticed. Filling gaps by helping overcome the insurmountable challenges that education in developing countries face, the ever-advancing technology has helped achieve remarkable things in a short span of time.

Mentioned below are some of the major advantages that the inclusion of technology in the education system has brought along –

Improved access to resources


Educational systems, mostly in developing countries, have faced a massive deficit of access to resources, which has been well compensated for, through the use of technology in education. Most of these resources are made available in the form of digital libraries, electronic books, educational videos and games, podcasts, tutorials and so on, which the students can access  anytime they want. Many educators and institutions have even embraced video hosting platforms to make lectures available to those who are absent to ensure that children do not miss out on their lessons.

Unlocking educational boundaries


This is probably one of the biggest advantages that the use of technology in education has brought along. By introducing online or virtual learning to the educational processes, it has helped education grow past geographical boundaries. Virtual learning has made it possible for a large number of students from different regions to attend the same class without even having to move out of their homes. This feature has also helped narrow the vast ravine that a difference in quality of education often creates.

Making learning processes easier


Contrary to the traditional system of education, the Ed.Tech, as it is modernly called, is designed to make learning easier for all students. Not only are the digital textbooks more vivid, they but are also more frequently updated. Creative educational videos and games have made it easier for students to tackle subjects like Mathematics, Science and Geography. Since learning imparted through technology is quite intuitive and fun, educators worldwide are making it better and more convenient for the students.

Increased collaboration between teachers and students


With advanced technological applications, students and teachers can reach each other more easily than before. The flexibility in interaction has proved greatly helpful for students who find it difficult to interact with their teachers in an open and full classroom.

Be it an upcoming test, the sharing of test scores, information about some new activity, notifications regarding all these and much more can now be relayed to the students through text messages or mails.

Boosts Individual learning


Through tools such the internet and cell phones, technology has enabled students to learn by themselves. Educational games and interactive videos help them develop academic skills in a more interesting manner. Students now download podcasts on their cell phones and listen to them and learn while at home. Technology helps students discover new methods of mastering tasks and do better in their studies.

The increasing involvement of smart tools and technology in education has also decreased the stress that most parents face with regards to their child’s education. Parents can now take an active part in their child’s progress by easily guiding them through their lessons at home and encouraging them to embrace it more and more.

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