Logic is appealing to this generation, so give them a reason to why something is wrong

Jan 09, 2017

Logic is appealing to this generation, so give them a reason to why something is wrong


As educators, we have responsibility towards our students, towards our next generation, responsibility of solving their queries, answering their questions, satisfying their curiosities.

An average child may not question or a question might not be asked by an intelligent child during a lecture which doesn’t seem to interest him. But if the topic is of his interest or he is an inquisitive child, he would most certainly have questions that need answering.

In case of a daring child, if something is forbidden or if he is warned about something, chances are that your advice won’t be followed. Let’s insert some perspective with a tale of the past. The Great Psychologist Freud was once strolling in a garden and found a family in panic. When asked, it was discovered that their small child was missing. He immediately asked if they had prohibited him to go somewhere, to which the parents said that they had asked him not to go near the pond. Freud asked them to go near the pond to find him and to their surprise the child was found there only. The reason for going against an adult’s advice is the curious mind of a child.

Children who are in the early stage of their life and have not yet explored this world, they want to know more and more about it, and if not told about the harsh realities and facts of the world, they start finding about those by exploring them by themselves. That is where they might lose track and end up being in the wrong company.

So when we say that ‘Logic is appealing to ‘this generation’, we are referring to the ‘young generation’; ‘this young generation’ of today is quite different from how it was in the yesteryears. Earlier, children had objections and queries but the social set up was such that it didn’t allow them to speak against the elders or raise their voice but now ‘this young generation’ is freer to express themselves. Children are not hesitant anymore. If a teenager is asked not to surf adult sites, he would be inquisitive and chances are that he will go for it but if he is given the knowledge and told about the pros and cons of the same, the child tends to practice a conscious restraint.

Once, a discussion between two professors was overheard. It was about classroom management and discipline maintenance. One professor told that at the start of every session, he asked for the top scorer of the class to stand in the class and try and answer a very difficult question. By doing this, he reckoned that nobody dared to interfere with his lecture and that the class remained constrained for the whole session. But is this the right approach? A teacher has to give the liberty to the children to question, as that is the only way he would be facing different intelligent questions arriving through different train of thoughts, and if the child gets the right answers, his respect and impression for the teachers would be permanently etched in his/her heart.

So, to gain the respect in a genuine way, to bring  discipline in the child and to inculcate the right virtues, never say NO in giving reason as to why something is wrong.

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