Ensure spending quality time with your child

Jan 09, 2017

Ensure spending quality time with your child


Fast modernization has brought a major change in our social system. The current modern times have women sharing a major role in economic activities of an average household;  joint families which were fairly common earlier are now giving way to nuclear families. These all changes are affecting the lives of the children too. Earlier, children living in joint families had an effective upbringing – learning of the harsh realities of the world, etiquettes etc. within the ecosystem of the house itself. They had cousins; they had uncles and aunts, grandparents always available at hand to attend them, to correct them in their parents’ absence. Such children never faced problems like insecurity, lack of confidence, lack of communication skill, lack of emotional intelligence, introvert behavior etc.

But now it’s a lot different for a child living in a nuclear family as he/she returns from school to an empty house. His personality development lacks one thing or the other. With all the instruction given to him in the morning by his working mother, he might become too conscious to enjoy his leisurely time or may feel too insecure in absence of his parents. The role of parents thus becomes a lot important during this growing age of their child. Blame for not giving time to their child cannot be shifted to the excuse of lack of time or to fatigue or exhaustion of the mind and body. These excuses will do no good to them because ultimately their own child would be the one suffering and be the victim of their busy lives. If the child has been brought into this world, isn’t it our duty to rear him with our full vigor and cheer? The love and the emotions given to him during childhood work like the foundation stones for his personality building.

If you are busy with your hectic schedule, the time spent by you for him should be meaningfully and carefully planned. You ought to think upon the points which you feel are needed to be told at this age in life. When they are discussed with your child, they are taken and interpreted rightly and easily by him, and if he has some queries in his mind, it is better that he clarifies them with the parents than to go about finding the solution by himself or by seeking the same from his peers which potentially might be disastrous. Therefore, if any question or query is put forth by him, it should be attended to and not rebuffed; even if you are not in a position to attend to it immediately, he should be assured that it would surely be solved but after some time.

Focusing your attention on your child boosts his self-esteem. By spending time together, you become more aware of his passions and talents. Your child in turn feels understood and at home. Most importantly, your child can open up when you spend relaxed time together. Spending quality time with your child sends a very important message to him – that family comes first. When a kid gets regular time and attention from his parents, he feels important which helps him in his personality development as well as in his studies.

A child learns what he lives. If he is given love, patience, solutions to his problems and reasons for his queries, he turns into a wise and composed personality. So nurture your child, the little sapling of your garden to grow into a dense tree to provide a shade full of love and warmth and care not only to you in your old age but also to the whole society.

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